• Company
    Company Established in Valladolid, Spain, Lingotes Especiales SA is company dedicated to the design, development, casting, machining and assembly of grey and ductile iron components for use mainly in automotion, electrical appliances and civil engineering.
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    FACILITIES Our modern facilities boast the most advanced production systems which compete on a world level, from induction furnaces capable of melting 170 000 tonnes p.a. to state-of-the-art finishing facilities.
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  • Quality
    Quality Quality control has always played a central role in Lingotes' success and growth and is our underlying philosophy. We comply with all the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, renowned for their rigidity.
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  • R&D
    R&D Our implication in the conception and development of the products needed by our clients is second to none. From experience we understand the importance of developing new components or optimizing the existing ones. This is carried out by our multi-faceted in-house team to cater for our customers' needs.
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Nuestros Clientes

Nuestros clientes mayoritarios son los principales OEMs y proveedores de sistemas del sector del automóvil en todo el mundo. El objetivo es la satisfacción total del Cliente.

Estamos situados en un área privilegiada que nos permite suministrar a los principales productores de automóviles que son Alemania (46 fábricas), Francia (29), Italia y RU (17 cada una) y España (13), que suman el 72% de la capacidad productiva de toda la UE, aunque nuestra competitividad nos hace llegar a áreas de mayor distancia como Rumanía, Turquía o incluso Brasil.


Nuestra capacidad de entregar piezas mecanizadas para el primer equipo del automóvil alcanza el 6% del mercado de discos y tambores de freno de la UE, que a su vez representa la cuarta parte del mercado mundial; y si a la anterior cifra añadimos las piezas que fundimos para que las termine el propio cliente, la capacidad del Grupo alcanzaría el 12% de la UE, o lo que es lo mismo, el 3% del mercado mundial.


Entre el 70 y el 80% de nuestros productos han sido colocados fuera de nuestras fronteras.



Our Clients

Our major clients are the principal OEMs and system providers for the world's automobile industry. Our objective is total customer satisfaction.

We are located in a privileged area allowing us to deliver to the major car manufacturers in Germany (46 plants), France (29), Italy and the UK (17 each) and Spain (13), which comprise 72% of the European Union total production capacity, although our competitivity means we can also deliver further afield in countries such as Romania, Turkey or even Brazil.


Our capacity to deliver machined components for original equipment in automotion means we have a 6% market share of all the brake discs and drums manufactured in the EU, which in turn comprises a quarter of the total world production. If we add to this figure components that we smelt but are finished by the customers themselves, then we can say that our capacity reaches 12% of the EU total, or 3% of the world market.


Between 70-80% of our products are exported abroad.


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