Lingotes Especiales S.A. LINGOTES ESPECIALES S.A.

Research and Development

A differential fact is our involvement in the conception of the product that our customers need. We understand that, given our know-how, we can and must contribute our experience to the development of new components and the improvement of existing ones. Our own multidisciplinary technical team allows us to optimize the products that our clients demand from us.

Lingotes has its own R + D + i department with researchers dedicated to these tasks, with the support of leading centres in Europe for their technical competence and which have the added value of closeness such as: CIDAUT; AZTERLAN and the School of Industrial Engineers of the University of Valladolid.

Our activity in this field includes, on the one hand, the design and development of the product in close collaboration with our customers, to improve the products they demand, offering their own solutions to their problems. An example of this is the ambitious brake disc lightening project, which will reduce the consumption of vehicles and the carbon footprint associated with their manufacture.

Another no less important activity is the improvement of our own processes of manufacture and development of new materials, with the objective of maintaining and improving the competitiveness of the Company.

To achieve these objectives, it is dedicated 2% of the Group’s turnover.