• Company
    Company Established in Valladolid, Spain, Lingotes Especiales SA is company dedicated to the design, development, casting, machining and assembly of grey and ductile iron components for use mainly in automotion, electrical appliances and civil engineering.
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    FACILITIES Our modern facilities boast the most advanced production systems which compete on a world level, from induction furnaces capable of melting 170 000 tonnes p.a. to state-of-the-art finishing facilities.
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  • Quality
    Quality Quality control has always played a central role in Lingotes' success and growth and is our underlying philosophy. We comply with all the stringent requirements of the automotive industry, renowned for their rigidity.
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  • R&D
    R&D Our implication in the conception and development of the products needed by our clients is second to none. From experience we understand the importance of developing new components or optimizing the existing ones. This is carried out by our multi-faceted in-house team to cater for our customers' needs.
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Recursos Humanos

Creemos firmemente que, para hacer frente a los mercados cada vez más exigentes, debemos hacer un especial hincapié en el área de formación.

El objetivo del Plan de Formación Anual es dotar al equipo humano de las capacidades necesarias para la consecución de los objetivos del negocio.

Sobresale nuestra fortaleza con el compromiso y motivación del personal, que se traduce en adaptación a circunstancias cambiantes, ya sea en los procesos o en las programaciones, para que con esta versatilidad podamos mantener, en circunstancias adversas, los altos niveles de calidad y de ahorro de costes que nos son exigidos.

Hemos apostado por formar una plantilla altamente polivalente y competitiva capaz de adaptarse a un mundo globalizado, en el que cada vez hay una mayor competitividad y en el que nuestros clientes exigen a la vez mayor especialización.

Una de las mayores preocupaciones de la Empresa se refiere a la Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, por ello se integra en todos los niveles y ámbitos, además de impartir formación continuada en Prevención de Riesgos, que supone un 20% del total de horas empleadas en formación.

En cualquier caso, la Compañía cumple escrupulosamente con la normativa vigente para conseguir el nivel óptimo de protección de sus trabajadores, sometiendo a auditoría, con la frecuencia reglamentaria, sus actuaciones en este campo.


Si quiere  que le tengamos en cuenta  en los próximos procesos de selección, envíenos su CV a  la dirección:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Human Resources

We firmly believe that, in order to compete in ever-demanding markets, we need to place special emphasis on training.

The objective of the "Annual Training Plan" is to equip our workforce with the necessary skills to carry out the aims of the business.

One of our main strengths is the dedication and motivation of our personnel meaning we can better adapt to changing circumstances, be it in processes or programmes. Using this versatility we are able to maintain the high levels of quality and cost-saving which our clients demand, even in adverse circumstances.

We have developed a highly-skilled and competent workforce capable of adapting to a globalized marketplace which is increasingly competitive and where our clients are demanding even more specialization.

One of the major concerns of the company is Risk Prevention in the Workplace, which is entwined into every level and area and comprises 20% of all the time spent in our continuous training programmes.

The company strictly complies with the current regulatory framework, subjected to audit with the required frequency, to provide the optimum level of protection for our employees in this field.

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